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It’s fast, easy, and you’ll get a great price. Plus, there’s no pressure — we’ll buy your car even if you don’t buy one from us.

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Why trade-in your car

Receive $250 more than any other dealer’s offer.

Get fair market value for your trade.

Utilize the profits from the sale of your trade-in as a down payment.

Trading in your car is quick and easy.

Peace of mind knowing your transaction is legit and secure.

Things to consider before selling privately

Private sales can often lead to lots of lowball offers.

Selling your vehicle privately can be complicated.

The buyer may ask for repairs to be done which could be costly.

Do you really trust a stranger to test drive your vehicle, with or without you in it?

It may take months to sell your car.

Private sales are time consuming.

Having to deal with the possibility of the buyer’s financing falling through.

Paperwork, legalities, and having to navigate unfamiliar territory can pose a challenge.