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Protect your vehicle from the unexpected

Buying a used car, truck or SUV has its advantages, so doesn’t gap insurance and comprehensive protection plans as well. And if you plan on keeping your vehicle for years to come, adding peace of mind will surely pay for itself in the long run.

Vehicle protection plans

Choose from 1 of 4 outstanding DKP protection plans for your vehicle. From Basic Care to Complete Care, having some coverage is better than no coverage for certain. And when it comes to price, it varies depending on which tier you opt for. As for the Vital, Premier and Complete Care plans, they all come with emergency roadside assistance and substitute transportation.

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Signature gap insurance

Gap insurance covers you if your car is totaled and you end up owning more than what it’s worth. Say you owe $15k and something happens to your car, your insurance company will only payout $10k because that’s all your car’s worth, and gap insurance will cover the difference of $5k for example. As for DKP Gap, it’ll cover you if you’re ever in an accident, theft, natural disasters, fire, vandalism, or flood.

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Optional coverage, yes please

There are many things to consider when purchasing a protection plan. That’s why DKP offers additional coverage for business use, conversion, mobility, and snowplow. And if you opt for a newer model commercial vehicle, replacing the navigation display if equipped costs an average of $3,946. Costs that can add up quickly if you don’t proactively cover your vehicle in advance.